This Friday, March 4, is Employee Appreciation Day. I hope you will join me, my wife Margie, Board Chair Bob Lamb, and the Honorable Amy Nechtem, Board Vice Chair, for breakfast between 9:00 and 10:30 a.m. in the first floor function room of Sargent Hall. Most of all, I hope you will join one another.

This is an opportunity for us to come together just to chat, connect, and reconnect.  There will be no speeches. No PowerPoints. No votes. Just a hot breakfast and, I hope, lots of good conversation and engagement.

Suffolk has always been a special community. We are united in our commitment to our students and our mission. And we have all worked hard since March of 2020 to navigate through this pandemic while still ensuring positive outcomes for our students. While the pandemic is still with us, the case numbers have declined, we are an overwhelmingly vaccinated and boosted community, and we can come together safely to break bread (not to mention gulp coffee).

For those who must be or want to be more careful, to-go boxes will also be provided. In other words, you can come and say hello, greet your colleagues, get caught up with your friends from across departments, but keep your masks on and take breakfast with you when you are ready to leave.

As members of the Suffolk community, you are appreciated. I hope you can join us Friday morning so I can say that to you personally, and if you are not able to come, know that you will be missed.


Marisa J. Kelly