As you heard me say about this time last year, it is important that you know how much Suffolk University values your hard work. A year later, I want to say that again. This is an incredible community full of dedicated faculty and staff, and we need to look for many different ways to reward you for all you do for students and for the institution as a whole.

With that in mind, I want to let you know that this fall we will once again be moving forward with a salary increase for the majority of our faculty and staff (some groups will not be eligible, for example people who have time-limited/seasonal appointments or who are on a performance improvement plan). While we continue to work on the staff benchmarking process and consider options for merit-based salary increases, we will move forward with the increase this fall using a process and parameters very similar to those used last year, and with a similar overall salary pool available. The increase will be effective the first week of November, and prior to that time you will receive a letter from your manager with more specifics.

A raise is not the only way to say thank you to Suffolk faculty and staff, but it is one important way. Thank you for your tremendous dedication, your passion, and your commitment to Suffolk.


Marisa J. Kelly
Acting President