Now that we all have had a chance to settle into the spring 2018 semester a bit, I want to take this opportunity to ask you to join me in welcoming one of the newest groups of students, our INTO Suffolk students.

This spring the INTO Suffolk partnership became very real when the first group of new students admitted through this vehicle joined our community. There are 39 students in all, a number that will grow significantly with each semester from this point forward. And whether they are here to improve their English language skills and then move on or are here to pursue a degree program, they are valuable members of the broader Suffolk community.

We are an institution committed to access and opportunity and to providing a global education for all of our students. Our partnership with INTO is helping us to live up to both of these commitments. Along with many of our domestic students, many of our international students also are first-generation college students seeking an education as a pathway to opportunity. And as students from around the globe sit in our classrooms, engage in collaborative projects with other students, participate in our clubs and on our athletic fields, they contribute to the cultural and global education of the whole campus community.

International students are valued members of our community. We are fortunate to have so many international students here at Suffolk and to have a new partner working with us as we strengthen our global focus. So if you have a chance to meet one of our new INTO Suffolk students or a member of the INTO staff working collaboratively with us to serve this new population, please join me in welcoming them and in helping them to more fully embrace Suffolk University and all we have to offer.

In addition, if you have questions about this new partnership, want to learn more about how we are working to further support faculty development related to international student education, or want to learn more about the long-term opportunities associated with INTO Suffolk, just pop by my office as I would love to talk with you further.


Marisa J. Kelly
Acting President